COVID-19 update – statutory declarations

This message is relevant to current motor vehicle traders and applicants for registration who are required to complete a statutory declaration.

The following information provides guidance to those finding it difficult to complete a statutory declaration due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The Government has made a temporary law change to the requirements for signing and witnessing statutory declarations. Declarations can now be made without being witnessed in person, and instead be made using audio-visual or audio links.

The Ministry of Justice website has more information about this law change.

Information for people needing to complete oaths, affirmations or declarations during COVID-19(external link) - Ministy of Justice

The Registrar of Motor Vehicle Traders is accepting statutory declarations made using audio-visual or audio links. If you are submitting a declaration made in this manner, please ensure it is accompanied by a certificate setting out the circumstances in which the oath, affirmation or declaration was made.

The Law Society has issued a memorandum for lawyers including a template showing what a certificate could look like.

Opinion: Administration of oaths and declarations in circumstances of mandatory self-isolation(external link) - New Zealand Law Society

Kia haumaru (stay safe), kia atawhai (be kind).